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A failure of a supplier can generate a financial risk, as well as a risk of bad image. It is therefore essential that players in the textile industry are able to anticipate this. To help its customers unmask their suppliers’ weaknesses, AQM has developed a large panel of technical, social and security audits. This way, the areas of improvement are detected and the business relationship can be envisaged serenely. 


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AQM wants to help to prepare a successful business, for that reason we provide trainings that will allow you to improve your company or your's suppliers services. The training can be private or publics.


-Environmental Training:

Our main mission is to offer you a respectable knowledge of the common buyer’s requirements in terms of environmental compliance.

The training will provide an understanding of the main environmental risks related to the textile industry and focus on the benefits for the factory to address environmental issues.


-CSR Training:

AQM  will provide the basic Social, Health & Safety (OHFS) and Quality knowledges required to assess a garment factory during an initial visit.


The training will focus on the following topics:

# General Social & OHFS Standards : Main requirements of the market, whatever the standards (ICS, Sedex, BSCI, etc.)

# Key points during a first factory visit, to assess the Social, Health&Safety and Quality performances.

# Solutions to remediate to the main non compliances.




AQM provides expert knowledge to a third parties Consulting is often used when a company needs an outside expert opinion regarding a business decision.

After our long trajectory in the textile quality control industry we are able to assist any enquires that you may present with your suppliers or within your own company.


Our experts can dedicate to:

-Environmetal issues

-Social problems

-Textile enquiries

-Inspection knowlegde 

-Intruduction of how to have a first or last contact with the factory



AQM in-factory auditor – Bangladesh

Secure your purchase

Reduce the risk of bad business strategies

Receive additional guarantees

Be more confident about the ways that your business is going, prepare employees and have a safe business 


Rectify your supplier’s weaknesses

Perpetuate the relationship with your supplier and give him a sense of responsibility, the supplier will learn how to improve its weaknesses 


Maintain your image

Support your supplier’s ability and assured that they will learn the requirements for a good environment 

Gain legitimacy

Confirm the knowledge and strategies of your business, will allow you to gain legitimacy


Be sure of your choice

Consult every detail that you doubt to achieve 100% sureness. 

Textile expert

Since 2005, AQM has acquired a perfect knowledge of textile suppliers’ processes and necessary pre-requisites, in order to guarantee a production compliant with the customer’s expectations and respectful o f local regulations.


The entire factory is then fairly and precisely evaluated by a qualified textile auditor.


Regarding social audits, our auditors have been trained to audit in all type of industry.


Because it is based at the heart of the country of production, close to suppliers, AQM has acquired a good understanding of the local context, allowing pertinent and coherent audits to be conducted with regard to international labor laws, as well as any local peculiarities.


Exchanges with associates in the factory are facilitated thanks to auditors who master the local language. A relationship of trust can then be established, ensuring the information acquired is more reliable.


The information collected is presented in the report, in order to supply a global and detailed view of the supplier, from a social and technical point of view.


The trainings or consultancies are conducted according to the customer’s specific needs and consistent with their problems. Greater care can then be taken with regard to certain analytical criteria, in order to meet the customer’s expectations. The AQM experts accompany the customer to achieve a better service.



Can I ask for a private training?

Yes, you can! You just have to contact and arrange the time and date that you desire to book your appointment.

You can also choose the topics that you are most interested in.

Can I take the same training different times?

Of course, every training that we provide is updated with the last information in the market. For that reason, we will invite you to form part of trainings with new and renovated topics.


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After the training how can I Know if my supplier will make use of it?

AQM provides Environmental or Social audits which allows you to check the activities and situations that your provider presents.

Can AQM also help with physical problems at the fabric?

AQM provides Environmental, social and technical audit, which allow you to have a physical control of the fabrics.

When and how my consult can take place?

You put the day and time we adapt to your schedule.

Location is not a problem. If you are not located near one of our offices, the consultancy can take place by phone or by skype you decide

What kind of topics can I consult with AQM?

AQM will offer you all our experince related to CSR.