Mobile Application for Quality Control Inspectors


You don’t need to hire other companies, control your providers by yourself!


Inspectors work in the field, away from any supervision, most of the time. They can get used to taking shortcuts, both to save time and to avoid bothering the factory. It creates the possibility of missing serious issues.

An app that allows each inspector works on his iPad tablet and is guided through logical steps, from reading the product information and checking quantities, all the way to the closing meeting and the factory's signature.


If you want a detailed report, your field QC staff spends 1-2 hours a day on paperwork. It takes them away from where the real work is – the factory.

When a shipment is urgent, decisions are often taken on the basis of a phone conversation. Misunderstandings are very common because of the lack of data and photos.

Mobile application for quality control inspectors

Each inspector works on his iPad tablet and is guided through logical steps, from reading the product information and checking quantities, all the way to the closing meeting and the factory's signature.


The app collects data as the inspection progresses, so that a fully illustrated pdf report is ready to be exported right after the closing meeting. Forget about double work, reformatting!


The tablet sends photos, comments, and progress updates all along the inspection. All details of findings can be seen by office staff, facilitating communication and decisions.


Control your employees

AQM Inspection

QC APP use in an iPad

Secure your inspeccions

Maintain your image

No more shortcuts

A succession of steps needs to be followed to get through an inspection.

Avoid poor communication, dangerous sampling, and skipped checkpoints.

Cut on Paperwork

Reports are automatically generated. Specifications download themselves. Save your inspectors one hour a day.

Real Time Notifications

Results, photos, and remarks can immediately be seen by office staff.

All it takes is a connection to 3G or the factory's Wi-Fi network.

Follow your employee

You will receive a precise insight into the process of inspection and  ability to fulfill his commitments

Very flexible

Capable of accommodating nearly all clients’ requirements.

It is possible to jump to another part of the process.

Several configurations are available regarding the report's first page


Time saving

Should not add workload either to inspectors or reviewers.The iPad takes photos and resizes them immediately for fast transfer.Messaging system (between inspector and office) that includes text and files. No software to install – all is in the cloud and can be seen on a PC or a tablet

More control

Inspectors should be guided through a series of steps. QC managers can view in what order actions were done

All steps that are not done yet are conveniently listed as reminders to have a better control of the situation 

High traceability

 To record all the steps taken and increase trust The inspector ticks boxes, writes remarks, and takes photos

Gain legitimacy

Confirm the seriousness and steps of your employees

Maintain your image

Maintain your image by ensuring your quality controller's responsibility and his respect of local regulations.

When can I start using QC App?

 As soon as you pay your subscription QC App will be able to work.


Contáctenos para obtener la aplicación   

If I cancel the contract will I have to pay additional fees?

Clients can cancel the contract at any time and will not be required to pay any fee on top of what was already paid at that point. There is no refund.

Do I need internet to access for the app?

The internet is only necessary if you want to keep the supervisors updated at the same time of the quality control.

Can I change from a plan to another type of plan?

 Yes, you can change to other plans as soon as your month that you have already paid ends. 










Do I have to start the month payments on the 1st of the month?

No, you can start the plans whenever you desire. However, the charge will be at the beginning of each month. 












What are the prices and plans?

The prices vary depending on the number of users. there are 3 plans:

300usd/month : The essentials for small businesses - 7 offices users & 5 QCs

900usd/month : Higher level Automation - 25 office users & 20 QCs

2600usd/month : Most advanced solution - up to 100 offices users & 100 QCs