Benefit from a 360° view of the quality of your merchandise


The impact of the non-respect of specifications and deadlines is considerable for a textile buyer:  increase in costs, deterioration of the image of the brand, customer dissatisfaction…Many risks that need to be anticipated and managed, whatever your loyalty towards your supplier.


In order to avoid any disagreement, AQM controls, on behalf of its customers, compliance of the merchandise ordered, relative to the validated sample and technical data.

Final inspection

The final inspection is the best way to identify any discrepancy between the production and specifications. It is conducted just before the order is dispatched. A quality controller goes to the factory to inspect the quality, regulatory compliance, measurements and packaging of the order.


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Inspection during production

This takes place when 20% to 50% of the merchandise has been produced. The “in-line” inspection ensures the localisation and progress of the production, regulatory compliance of the product and gives an estimation of the level of quality. The report, sent the same day, will allow the detection of any possible discrepancies, before it is too late.


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AQM Inspection

Selection and control of parcels (AQM Shanghai, China)

Secure your imports

Your merchandise can now be received serenely, as the level of quality found in your report is exactly what you are going to receive.

Gain time

By outsourcing quality control, you are avoiding wasting precious time with transport and you are improving the monitoring of the quality of merchandise produced.

Improve your visibility

Thanks to the conduct of an inspection by an organisation which is independent from agents and factories, you will have a very clear insight into the quality of your merchandise.

Follow your production remotely

Quality controllers will give you a precise insight into the progress of production and your supplier’s ability to fulfill his commitments. It also allows you to anticipate any delay in delivery.

Anticipate any disagreements

Thanks to a detailed report presenting the quality and compliance of your merchandise, you will have everything in hand to make any necessary corrections before it is too late.

Reduce your costs

By detecting bad quality before it is able to have an impact on the finances and image of your company, you substantially reduce any related costs.


Fashion and textile experts

For a number of years, AQM has developed an in-depth textile expertise, allowing us to offer unique services, adapted to the specification of fashion items such as fabrics, clothing and accessories.


On-site, the specialist textile quality controllers will painstakingly and astutely analyse the production in order to cater to your needs and specifications.

International presence

Present all over Asia, AQM relies on its subsidiaries based within the strategic areas of the textile, prêt-à-porter and fabric production industry. In each country, the AQM offices regroup experienced persons  who master the local language.


For increased responsiveness and transparency, one single team located close to the factory, will be in charge of your project, from the reservation and inspection to the presentation of the report.


They offer an almost immediate feedback thanks to a constant operational monitoring.


The AQM teams adapt themselves to each organisation for a perfect integration of the quality control services in the supply chain. The solutions give total flexibility regarding the management of the schedule, the form of the report or even the choice of tests to be conducted.

How do I plan the inspection date?

You can simply book our services via email, by phone or directly online, at least two days prior to the estimated inspection date. A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as the inspection date is validated.


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Will I need to be the intermediary between you and the factory?

Once your request has been taken into account by our teams, you will not need to worry about a thing. Our teams will contact your factory directly, to deal with the last formalities.

They may come back to you, to confirm the inspection date.

How do you define the sample size to be inspected?

The inspections are conducted according to ISO 2859 standard. Internationally renowned, it guarantees the representativeness of your sample.


By default, we apply level II sampling coupled with an acceptable quality level (AQL) going from 0 for critical defects, to 2.5 for major, and 4.0 for minor defects. However, this data is completely customisable according to your requirements.

What are you going to monitor?

AQM adapts itself to your expectations by controlling the required points relative to:

• The quality, to detect the critical, major and minor defects.

• The compliance of the items with regard to the sample and specifications.

• The measurements

• The packaging, conducting additional tests for solidity, and fit…

And conducts additional tests for solidity and fit…

When will I receive my report?

The report will be sent to you via email or via AQM Online on the same day as the inspection and at no extra cost.


It is a true representation of the state of your order, which will give you the necessary information to decide on your next plan of action.


What will I receive?

At the very heart of the report, you will discover the detailed results of the tests conducted. The report is written according to around fifty customisable criteria, relating to the quality, compliance, measurements, tests and packaging of your products.


It will also contain photos presenting all of the points and giving you a clear and complete vision of the level of quality of your merchandise.



   Download a report
  • Direct access
    to your reports

    Access, download, archive your reports

  • Online schedule
    of your inspections

    Manage your schedules

  • Qualitics,
    the quality statistics

    Analyse your inspection results easily

  • Interface for booking
    your inspections online

    Book your inspections in a few clicks

  • Sample

    Validate your sample for quality and purchasing

Schedule an online inspection date

Requesting a quote or even ordering online can be done in only a few clicks, allowing the user to gain autonomy and time.

Real-time monitoring of the schedule

The schedule allows you to see when inspections are planned, as well as access by date, to the downloading of reports.

Real-time visualisation of the results

The edited reports are accessible by all the staff of the company who have rights of access. They are searchable, downloadable and even transferable via email.


Building of a defects library

The defects library is automatically updated, listing all the defects detected, in photographs.


Complete and simple to use, it allows the list of defects of the company to be regularly updated, in order to maintain and significantly improve quality levels.

Your quality statistics are only a click away

AQM has developed a unique online application, QUALITICSallowing you to obtain pertinent statistics on the product quality and ranges and on your suppliers.


A series of key indicators are then obtained, to better comprehend the past, monitor the present and foresee the future.


This intuitive tool improves daily quality control and simplifies the decision-making process thanks to additional transparency. It also contributes to increasing your performance by providing a quick and immediate access to reliable information, as well as a global view of the activity.