What are the regulations about professional and protective wear?

Which requirements and regulation to consider for professional and protective wears?


AQM Quality Control organises at TMO/DETEX in Doorn a training on Wednesday 21 December, in which you can learn about regulation what functional professional and safety garments should comply with. Annemieke Pakkert, an expert with a great theoretical knowledge of the subject and a lot of field experience, gives you the backgrounds and tips. Also it includes a theoretical part about relevant materials, such as coatings and membranes.


Examples of safety aspects: high visibility, protection against cold, heat and flames, electrical flame arc, static electricity and liquid chemicals, etc. Also think of functional garments as (motor)sport wear.


A nice chance to further develop yourself in the field of expertise. When you apply, you will get the opportunity to indicate the products, issues, questions, tests and standards of your interest. This in order to let the training seamlessly connect to your business.


You can participate in a practical part of the training, in the laboratory. The location offers various testing options, like:

– bursting strength,

– tensile strength,

– wind permeability,

– waterrepellency (Bundesmann rain impact).



WHAT: interactive training professional-/protective wear

WHEN: Wednesday 21 December 2016, from 9.30 to 15.00 h.

WHERE: location TMO/DETEX in Doorn

COSTS: 195 euro, including lunch, coffee/tea




    9.00 – 9.30 entrance

    9.30 – 14.30

        trainer Annemieke Pakkert: theory, presentation norms etc.

        cases from Annemieke herself and what’s taken by the participants

        workshop(s) laboratory, by Roelie Gaasbeek

        trainer Chris Koeleman: relevant textile theory, such as membranes, coatings, tests

    10.30 coffee break

    12.45 lunch

    14.30 – 15.00 evaluation, wrap-up


Trainers/ experts:

Annemieke, textile engineer with over 25 years experience, a.o. as product manager in fabrics for workwear and in certification of protective clothes. As NEN-commission member familiar with all developments in the safety standards. In 2008 she started consultancy C-Tex, specialised in PPE’s, certification procedures and research for EC, NFPA/AUS/ANSI and Öko-Tex 100. More: www.c-tex.nl / Annemieke Pakkert, C-Tex


Roelie, leads the TMO laboratory and shares her practical expertise of fabrics, tests and testing equipment.Roelie Gaasbeek, TMO


Chris, specialised in textile and quality, shares theory and experience and discusses backgrounds of sport textile. Chris Koeleman, AQM Quality Control/ Q&A Quality Assistance

To participate or get more information about the next seminars,

Please contact Chris at chris.koeleman@aqm-hk.com