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ICS is a work group that provides its members with shared tools for implementing their social audit programs. Members share a set of standardized social audit tools (questionnaire and audit guide) and a shared database, which prevents duplicate audits and enables joint management of factories.


ICS members work together to:


  - Verify social conditions in the field related to manufacturing, via social audits carried out by independent agencies approved and commissioned by the retailers;


  -  Use shared tools and methodology to implement these audits (code of conduct, factory profile, audit questionnaire, execution guide, corrective action plan, alert notification, database);


  -  Share their experiences and share audit results with complete transparency when a supplier is identified as serving multiple retailers, so that follow-up of improvement plans can be implemented jointly;


  -  Define modalities for monitoring critical situations identified via the social audits.


The ICS social audit seeks to assess production site compliance with local social regulations under the following eight sections: Child Labor / Forced Labor / Discrimination / Disciplinary Practices / Freedom of Association / Working Hours / Wages / Health and Safety. The approach aligns with the framework defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO), and respects the universal principles of Human Rights and the OECD Guiding Principles.